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AML Ecostar

Flexibility and manouverability, comfort, robustness, price.
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AML Select

Elegance, comfort, robustness.
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AML Horsebox

Security, mobilisation, robustness.
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AML Haras

Security, Comfort, Robustness.
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AML Pro Light

Elegance, volume, lightness.
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About us


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About Us

Development construction and innovation, french business based in the north of Spain.

Family of horse lovers, aware concerning horse transport and specialists in the development, construction and innovation of horsetrucks, horsebox, transport horses and stallion horsetrucks for the transport of horses.

Our specialist knowledge is recognised beyond our frontiers, that is why today we can count on so many clients throughout Europe.

But it’s uniquely through the quality and the long lasting reliability of our vehicles that we are able to export.

Since the time of the construction of our first horsetruck in 1990, our company has been constantly striving for the quality to satisfy the needs of our clients and dealers, by making our horse trucks where the quality of workmanship is a reflection of the professionalism of our collaborators who have, for the lifetime of our trucks, conceived, fabricated, put into service and maintained our vehicles. We have also responded to and applied the strictures of the european directives, which recognise the validity and quality of the company constructor and the Carrosserie Ameline product.

Comfort and Security

Fabrication relies on the professional assembly of premium quality materials.

A technical team

Exclusively produced by our technical team, as well as our highly qualified research centre.

Solidity and Rigidity

Chassis security, structural rigidity, quality of welding and assembly are indissociable

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