Our horse truck manufacturing plant

Carrosserie Ameline – Horse Transportation

Horse comfort and ease of use. The concept and manufacture of all our vehicles are exclusively produced by our technical team as well as a highly qualified study centre, this last one always in search of ways to evolve.

Manufacture is based upon a professional assembly of premium quality materials. Chassis security, structural rigidity, welding quality and assembly are inseparable.

The vocation of Carrosserie Ameline,( body maker – converter – maintenance of vehicles ), is to manufacture vehicles as much for the transport of merchandise as for the transport of horses, in full respect for the rules of the highway code.

Our pricipals concerning research and development constantly pushes us to improve the comfort and security of the transportation of people and horses.

Our different activities

– Carrosserie Ameline transforms vehicules

– Carrosserie Ameline specific conversions.

– Interiors doubled with wood, aluminium or UPVC

– Camping cars

– Horse boxes

– Carrosserie Ameline also manages all paint work and the repair of utility and large lorry body work.

– Carrosserie Ameline manage repairs and maintenance, and modifications to all vehicles.

An exclusive fabrication method

Made strong by long experience as constructor of lorrys for horses, C.A makes modules with a very close attention to robustness, using a material, plygloss, which possesses properties of high resistence to shocks.

We finish that body work by using a bee’s nest to give insulation and lightness to the module.

Reasons to Have Faith in Our Horse Transportation Services

Are you wondering why our horse transportation vehicles are your best choice? Check out some top reasons below:

  • Maximum Safety

We put the safety of your horses first by offering a myriad of features in our trucks. The trucks are built using strong materials to create a durable structure that can handle the rigors of horse transportation. Inside, partition systems are installed to keep the horses securely separated while on the move, minimizing the chance of injury from sudden shifts or movements.

These partitions can be adjusted to fit horses of all sizes and temperaments, guaranteeing a comfortable trip for each animal. Additionally, our horse transportation trucks are equipped with advanced braking control and electronic stability systems to ensure the vehicle remains stable and under control, even in challenging conditions.

  • Comfortable Space

Our horse trucks are carefully designed to focus on the comfort and health of your horses during the trip. The adjustable partitions make it easy to customize stall sizes, so each horse has enough room to stand and adjust their posture. Ventilation systems are strategically placed to keep air flowing and prevent overheating and humidity from building up. It ensures a comfortable temperature and humidity level inside the horse truck transport.

  • High Durability

Our horse trucks are designed to handle frequent use and perform well in any conditions. Each part is chosen for its durability, from the chassis to the mechanical and electrical systems. Thorough testing guarantees that every horse transport meets our high-quality standards before being shipped, giving customers peace of mind in their purchase. Whether it’s a quick trip to a show or a long competition journey, our trucks deliver reliable performance every time.

  • Positive Reputation

We are proud of the strong reputation we have established in the community. Our customers have provided us with many positive testimonials. These testimonials are a testament to the outstanding performance and functionality of our horse transport services.

  • Dedicated Support

We also prioritize giving top-notch customer service and continuous support. Our team of specialists is ready to help with any inquiries or technical problems you might face. Do you need guidance in choosing the perfect horse truck transport? Do you have a query about using your vehicle? We are always here for you. Your happiness is what matters most to us. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’re satisfied with our offerings.