Our horse truck manufacturing plant

Carrosserie Ameline

Horse comfort and ease of use. The concept and manufacture of all our vehicles are exclusively produced by our technical team as well as a highly qualified study centre, this last one always in search of ways to evolve.

Manufacture is based upon a professional assembly of premium quality materials. Chassis security, structural rigidity, welding quality and assembly are inseparable.

The vocation of Carrosserie Ameline,( body maker – converter – maintenance of vehicles ), is to manufacture vehicles as much for the transport of merchandise as for the transport of horses, in full respect for the rules of the highway code.

Our pricipals concerning research and development constantly pushes us to improve the comfort and security of the transportation of people and horses.

Our different activities

– Carrosserie Ameline transforms vehicules

– Carrosserie Ameline specific conversions.

– Interiors doubled with wood, aluminium or UPVC

– Camping cars

– Horse boxes

– Carrosserie Ameline also manages all paint work and the repair of utility and large lorry body work.

– Carrosserie Ameline manage repairs and maintenance, and modifications to all vehicles.

An exclusive fabrication method

Made strong by long experience as constructor of lorrys for horses, C.A makes modules with a very close attention to robustness, using a material, plygloss, which possesses properties of high resistence to shocks.

We finish that body work by using a bee’s nest to give insulation and lightness to the module.