AML Horsebox

The Horse box range is a van for 2 horses made by Carrosserie AMELINE.

Its main strength is the presence of two swing doors, making iteasy to carry a heavy, bulkytrunk from the deck to the tack room without lifting it.

We offer this model with a choice of 2 engines: RENAULT MASTER 165 CV or FIAT DUCATO 180 CV.




Why Should You Choose the AML Horsebox?

Long-Lasting Quality

To ensure durability, we extensively use stainless steel in our horse box construction. Our stainless steel partitions and ramps are meticulously engineered to prioritize safety and ease of use. Moreover, the material reflects an aesthetic appeal that matches the overall horsebox design.

As one of the best horse box manufacturers, we offer a comprehensive warranty to back this commitment to quality. Our unwavering quality standards are recognized and endorsed by industry regulations. It shows our dedication to excellence in horsebox craftsmanship.

High-Quality Chasis

We prioritize our reputation and focus on providing exceptional quality in every aspect. This includes our rigorous approach to selecting chassis manufacturers. So, you don’t have to worry about the quality of chassis in our custom horseboxes.

Choosing the right chassis is crucial as it impacts the horsebox’s durability and payload capacity. By making the right decision, we also ensure that your horsebox is highly fuel-efficient.

Moreover, a subpar chassis choice can negatively impact the resale value of a used horsebox. Therefore, we meticulously select a limited number of reliable chassis manufacturers that we thoroughly understand. We use the chassis RENAULT MASTER 165 CV or FIAT DUCATO 180 CV for this horse box trailer.

Superior Customer Service

At the core of our horse trailer company lies an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Our growth is largely driven by positive word-of-mouth. So, we understand the paramount importance of cultivating lasting and trustworthy relationships.

Our team at Carrosserie Ameline is driven by a passion for delivering an unparalleled experience to all customers. Apart from high-quality designs, our horse boxes are manufactured from exceptional materials.

We also have an unwavering dedication to exceptional customer service. You can always seek our support while ordering a horse box from our portal. We are always happy to resolve all your queries regarding the purchase. Moreover, you will get customer support from us after purchasing your horse trailer.

Comfortable Interior

A horse box trailer from our collection will come with a comfortable cabin for three to five passengers. It is equipped with features like AC and BlueTooth for a comfortable ride. You will also find airbags and other advanced features for maximum safety inside the trailer.

The horse section is also spacious and secure. It can easily accommodate two horses. The saddle and net holders are convenient additions. Moreover, you will find surveillance cameras inside the trailers. So, you will be able to constantly monitor your horse friends.

Standard equipment

3 and 5-passenger cabins

  • Airbag
  • Air conditioning
  • Radio CD MP3 and Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Cruise control
  • Electric windows
  • Front fog lamps
  • Trailer hitch
  • Adblue tank


  • Polyester sandwich panels
  • Composite honeycomb floor panels
  • Rubber padding on walls
  • Panel between cab and horses with rubber protection and foam underlay
  • Rear access door
  • Hydraulic side ramp + top door
  • Opening with windows and protective grid
  • 1 roof vent
  • White paint
  • 2 opening bays with protective grille
  • LED lights
  • Blue lights inside


  • Stainless steel goosenecks
  • Stainless steel gates under breast bar
  • Chest bar
  • Sliding side panel with skirt
  • Pivoting head separation
  • Hammered rubber floor
  • 2 external attachment rings, 2 internal hay net rings, 2 adjustable horse attachment rings
  • Saddle and net holders
  • Deck strap
  • Horse surveillance camera

Available versions

Long large saddlery
Long 5-seater cab or side door
Long extended 5-seater cab or extended side door

Available options

Convertable folding bed

Convertable folding bed positioned at the rear of the cabin (sold with its matrass)

Dome bed

Roof bed.

Reversing camara

Driver reversing aid.

Small kitchen

Sink and fridge space.


Small tv

Small fridge

Small fridge under the rear seat

On-demand fittings

Arrangement at the customer's request

5-seater version with storage box

5-seater fabric bench seat in the deep cockpit with storage box compartment

INOX attachment bar

Retractable attachment bar fixed at the back of the lorry for attaching the horses in total security.

High and low attach Sulkys

Sulky attachment positioned at the rear side of the lorry.

Personalised decoration

Bespoke personalisation of your lorry with the image of your choice.

Double rear door

Double rear door.

LED rear lights

LED rear lights

Sliding sideboard

Sliding separation panel for converting the lorry into a 'box'.

2 doors in place of the up and over door

Double door above the ramp in place of up and over door.

Cushion kit

Padding (head, lower sides, side, behind) for the comfort of the horses.

Supplementary window

Air vent and supplementary light.

Window between the cabin and horses

Useful for watching and talking with the horses.

Supplementary roof airation

Supplementary air extractor.

Air ventilation

Extracts dust particules and permits a better ventilation of the air.

Supplementary panoramic

Supplementary panoramic skylights.

Storage furniture

Storage furniture in sellerie.


Horse shower.

Shelf furniture

Shelf furniture in sellerie.

RCE European approval

Innovative in the construction of horse-drawn trucks, Carrosserie AMELINE holds all the European approvals required to export its 3 and 5-seater cab vehicles into the European community.

European homologation requires bodybuilders to undergo extremely rigorous technical tests, and to comply with strict specifications and quality controls.

RCE (European Community type-approval)